‘TechPeriod’ launched in 2015, is basically a technology blog based on latest technology updates and evergreen tech-tips. It’s main motto is to help common people to solve their regular tech findings. This website covers various topics related to Computer/PC, Mobile devices, different major OS like Windows, Linux, Mac and Android, some important and useful web tools, software etc.

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TechPeriod – Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some FAQ about this website.

Q: What is ‘Tech Period’?

A: ‘TechPeriod’, founded in 2015 is a website where you will find How-to-guides, Software reviews, Windows tutorial, Android news, Tech based video tutorials etc. We regularly work on geeky things and share our experience online that you never knew before.

Q: Who is the Author of this website?

A: The site is now live for the passionate and professional approach of Jit Dutta (the owner of TechPeriod). Jit Dutta is the only writer of this website.

Q: What Platform do You Use to Run the Blog?

A: The site is hosted on a self-hosted WordPress platform.

Q: How Do I Subscribe to ‘Tech Period’?

A: You can follow our Rss Feed and Free Newsletter Subscription.

Q: I Need Some Help from You and I have a Question. How do I Contact You?

A: You can send me an email at Or you can use our Contact Us section.

Q: Can I Publish Your Article in my Blog or Website?

A: No. You can’t publish any part of our published article anywhere without giving any credit. Either you need prior permission from us. See our Copyright Policy for details.

Q: Can I Advertise My Product on Your Blog?

A: Yes, you can contact us at for this.