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Gmail is such a popular email service provider that most of us have our personal Gmail accounts. There might be several reasons for which you want to delete one of your Gmail account permanently. You might loose your trust on Gmail and decide to quit Gmail, but you don’t know how to delete Gmail account permanently. Though, deleting a Gmail account is a very brave decision and you lose all the access and data over to Gmail account. So, when you decide that you don’t want your Google email address any more in future, you can delete it from the associated Google account. Once you delete your Gmail account, you will never get back the same user name in the future. And keep another thing in mind that when you decide to delete only your Gmail account, all the email data and saved attachments will automatically be deleted and those are unrecoverable. But the data associated with other Google product will remain as usual.

Deleting entire Google account means all the products (like Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube etc.) associated with a Google account will be deleted. The deleted data associated with any Google account can not be recovered. As you know that you can delete Google account any time, but, before doing that you should be concerned about what happens when you delete your Google account and only Gmail account?

What Happens When You Delete Gmail Accounts or One of Your Gmail Account?

Once, you delete the Gmail account, you might face the following issues:

  • You can’t sign in to your Gmail service any more with your previous credentials.
  • You will not be able to get the same Gmail user name in future.
  • You will not be able to use the email data and photos, file attachments associate with your Gmail account.
  • Still you can able to access your YouTube channels and subscriptions.
  • You can able to use the content you purchased using Google Play service.
  • The saved information on chrome can be accessed.


But, if you delete the entire Google account, you can’t able to access the above mentioned services. Along with that if you are an Android user, you lose all the contents you purchased from Google play store. You loose all the Google contacts and Google drive data as well.

If you are a Chromebook user and you delete the Google account, you can’t use any chrome apps and extensions further.

So, before deleting Gmail Accounts, you should think twice and then read “How to Delete Google mail Account”.

How to Delete Gmail Account – Step by Step Guide

To delete your Gmail account permanently you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

At first sign-in to your gmail address by using your very own user name and passwords. You can log in to Gmail using this link.

The sign-in window looks like the below screenshot.


Once you log in to Gmail account, navigate up to top right section of your window and you will find your email address there. Just click on it. In the next pop-up window click on blue “My Account” button.


On “My account” page Under “Account preferences” click on “Delete your account or services”.


You find two options there.

  • Delete products.
  • Delete Google Accounts and Data.

If you are not interested to use a single Google’s product like Gmail, you can use “Delete products” option. If you want to delete the entire Google account, just go with the second option.

When you choose “Delete products”, you need to re-enter your account password. Once, you re-enter the password, a new window opens up from where you can choose Gmail to delete it.


Read the text on the next screen and accept the agreement that you want to permanently delete your Gmail account. Then, put the mail address associated to “New primary email address box” and click “REMOVE GMAIL”.

If you accidentally remove your Gmail account, you have a very short time to recover the account. Just go to password assistant page and select “I’m having other problems signing in”. Put the email address you delete accidentally. Then fill the captcha and fill the last password you remember. Enter the verified phone number there. You get a verification code. Put the correct verification code in the right field and you can restore your Google account. But this is not always possible. Then you get the following message (screenshot below):


Final Words:

Deleting Gmail accounts is not always very good idea. If you delete a Gmail account, then anyone never gets that gmail id. So, don’t waste any gmail address and only delete it once you ensure that you don’t want that Gmail account in your lifetime.