Fix: Unknown error code during application install – Google Play Store Error 110

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Android app installation error 110 is common to android users, especially to those who are using a custom ROM or modified OS. The error can occur while installing or updating an android application from the Google play store. This error prevents android users from installing any application to the device. You can’t update any android app if the error 110 persists.

unknown error code during application install

The reason of Google Play Store error 110 is unknown but, there might be few issues which can directly responsible for error code 110 on your android device. The reasons are as follows:

  • Use of custom ROM’s
  • App is incompatible
  • The updated OS is not supported by the existing hardware of the android device

How to Fix Google Play Store error 110 (unknown error code)

Method 1:

Go to Google play store from the application manager force stop the application Google play store and clear cache and clear the data of the play storeĀ app. Then do the same with Google Play Services. Reboot the device and open Google Play Store. Hopefully, you will not get any kind of error when update or install any app.

Method 2:

To bypass Google play store installation error 110, you can download the apkĀ file of the app and install it directly to your device. For this, just check the box which says “unknown sources”. This will allow you to install android applications outside of play store. That’s it.

Method 3:

If nothing works and you still get the unknown error code 110 during application install or application update, just format the phone or factory reset your android device. Don’t forget to take a backup of phone data.